Scenario testing early in a project?

A tester asks:
early on in the product cycle when there are few features are testable, do you develop "less powerful" testing scenarios, or just the parts of the of "powerful scenarios" that are supported at the time (fill in later)?

And I reply:

You appear to be asking 2 different questions in your second bullet.

Early on, I typically start with the biggest, broadest, system testing scenarios.  This is in congruence with the V or W testing models.

Not that you can execute them, but you can verify your understanding of the system.

There are of course multiple levels of scenarios.  I think you can start with the less powerful scenarios as features come on line and if you have time also execute parts of the powerful scenarios.

However, as Marick indicates in his paper, New Models for Test Development, you have to balance the effort needed of partially executing scenarios – do you need stubs & drivers or other simulators to do it.



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