Software Tester Certification

I am periodically asked about getting certified on software testing.  I have a standard web page, which I quote below, that I update with information on this topic.   While I don’t think being certified necessarily means you are good at testing, it does show some initiative, some knowledge, and a common vocabulary.  It also shows a level of professionalism.   There are ways to accomplish each of the above without certification also.

British Computer Society (BCS) Professional Examination administered through Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB) at 2 levels:  Foundation and Practicioner (there is 3rd level as yet still undefined) and in the US, the ASTQB (American Software Testing Qualifications Board) which are both under ISTQB which has
Software Testing: at 2 levels:  Foundation and Advanced  (there is 3rd level as yet still undefined)

Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) [a commercial consulting company]:
Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) :    Test oriented
Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) :   Process/Quality oriented

More Process & Quality oriented, than test:
American Society for Quality (ASQ): Software Quality Engineer Certification (CSQE)  

The one I know least  is:
The Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) is sponsored by the International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) [a commercial training company]. "The purpose of the certification program is to teach individuals from different disciplines sound and effective testing techniques and methods and to certify them as Software Testing Professionals."

If you are not aware of it, the local Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group (SASQAG) regularly runs study groups for QAI and ASQ certifications.

Benefits and Risks of Tester Certification By Dave Gelperin

Tester Certification (STQE article) By Alyn Wambeke  Summary: Increased demand for test expertise has generated interest in testing-specific professional certifications. Alyn Wambeke sorts through certification options for testers.

A subset of IEEE Computer Society Software Certification (CSDP – Certified Software Development Professional)
See their references on Quality & Testing in
Recommended References and Software Testing

FYI — I’ve been a ASQ CSQE since 1996 and renewed three times by not taking the exam, but showing continuing education and work in the field.
    I got my ISTQB foundation level certification in June 2005 with only 1 hour of preparation reading their syllabus.

For those curious about the ASQ CSQE, you can try several questions similar to or from the exam at;
You will see the heavy process (including Audit) orientation of the CSQE.

I think the Foundation Level is relatively easy to pass.   Study their Foundation Level syllabus just recently revised for an hour to get the hang of their lingo and go.
[Remarkably I own and have read about 80% of their 11 reference books, p.63 of revised, which probably helped me.]
Short (<1.5 hours), expensive ($250), multi-guess (~35 questions) quiz.

ASQ CSQE, ASTQB Certified Tester – Foundation Level


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