PNSQC call for abstracts

I probably forgot to mention that I joined the Board of the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) in December replacing an exiting board member.    I’ve always found the PNSQC a great conference and one of the best for the money!   Biggest bang for the buck.   I’ve presented there several times and know many of the fine members associated with PNSQC.  
At the Fall 2005 conference I was on a panel put together by Jon Bach and including Harry Robinson.  Harry, now from Google, and I, still from Microsoft, threw t-shirts at audience members for asking questions of the panel.  It livened it up some.
I’ve also been asked to chair the Publicity committee.  At a minimum I need to make anyone acutally reading this blog, that there is a call for papers now open until March 31, 2006 requesting abstract submissions.  I hope everyone submits one.

About testmuse

Software Test Architect in distributed computing.
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