PICT tool available

While both I and Doug Hoffman have published notes WOCT1 to the attendees, neither of us has yet summarized them for public consumption.
Note you can get a GREAT , FREE pair wise testing tool, PICT, now from



I use this tool and demonstrated its output at WOCT.  This tool is used extensively within Microsoft.

The Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing (PICT) tool  installer includes a user’s guide that describes all the features and contains sample models. This command-line tool makes no registry changes on your system.  


I would makes sure you especially consider the PICT feature where:

·       You can identify invalid inputs that should cause test failures, and PICT makes sure that each test case contains only one invalid value to prevent input masking-in problems.


Avoiding fault masking will avoid many problems you might otherwise see.  Don’t blindly combine multiple  invalid inputs as they do in http://www.ise.gmu.edu/~ofut/rsrch/abstracts/evalcombstrat.html



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