PICT tool available

While both I and Doug Hoffman have published notes WOCT1 to the attendees, neither of us has yet summarized them for public consumption.
Note you can get a GREAT , FREE pair wise testing tool, PICT, now from



I use this tool and demonstrated its output at WOCT.  This tool is used extensively within Microsoft.

The Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing (PICT) tool  installer includes a user’s guide that describes all the features and contains sample models. This command-line tool makes no registry changes on your system.  


I would makes sure you especially consider the PICT feature where:

·       You can identify invalid inputs that should cause test failures, and PICT makes sure that each test case contains only one invalid value to prevent input masking-in problems.


Avoiding fault masking will avoid many problems you might otherwise see.  Don’t blindly combine multiple  invalid inputs as they do in http://www.ise.gmu.edu/~ofut/rsrch/abstracts/evalcombstrat.html




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2 Responses to PICT tool available

  1. harish says:

    Hi, can you please tell me how to install PICT tool? I am unable to install this on my windows box. Every time i click on .exe a command prompt pop-up displays and vanishes.

    • testmuse says:

      If you read PICTHelp.htm, you will find the Pict is a command line tool. Double clicking on the .exe attempts to bring up a windowing Graphical tool which PICT is not. To use pict, start a command line. E.g. From Start Menu search programs, enter “cmd”.

      C:\...>cd "\Program Files (x86)"\PICT
      C:\Program Files (x86)\PICT>pict
      Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing

      Usage: pict model [options]

      /o:N - Order of combinations (default: 2)
      /d:C - Separator for values (default: ,)
      /a:C - Separator for aliases (default: |)
      /n:C - Negative value prefix (default: ~)
      /e:file - File with seeding rows
      /r[:N] - Randomize generation, N - seed
      /c - Case-sensitive model evaluation
      /s - Show model statistics

      C:\Program Files (x86)\PICT>

      You could create a UI short cut to a batch script. Create a file, e.g. Pict.bat with the following:

      @echo off
      set /P model=Model:
      call "\Program Files (x86)"\PICT\pict.exe %model%

      Right click on your desktop, select new -> shortcut
      Browse to where you put pict.bat and click next. Enter name, e.g. pict, and next and you are done.

      Now on your desktop when you click on pict, it will prompt for a model name which it gives to pict.
      Pict is run and the results displayed. The window stays open showing the results until you press a key.

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