IE7 doesn’t make my everyday tasks as easy as FireFox

Jim Alchin recently asked: Check out the IE7 Beta 2 and see if it makes your everyday tasks easier.
I’ve been trying IE7 Beta2 and it doesn’t.  I’m peculiar, I care about one feature more than most others, and IE7 doesn’t do it well.  I need a workable text Zoom feature like FireFox has.
IE7 has the old IE6 ability to use several keystrokes to get to a menu to adjust text size.
It also introduces a nifty visual zoom that also zooms the pictures (which FireFox does not). 
So when I need to see the ads bigger (or occassionaly some intereting pictures), I may use IE7.  But most of the time, for my tired old eyes, I prefer simple text zoom like FireFox.
An IE7 PM asked : why would I blog about my dis-satisfaction publicly?
I am looking for support.  If you prefer FireFox zoom to IE7, then leave a comment or link to this.  
For a much longer comparison about FireFox vs IE7 zoom you can continue reading below:

I purchased a weird third party product called “Secure IE” years ago because it would zoom the pictures and I could tell IE6 to ignore web font sizes so I could get readable ones.  Then I found FireFox which has the wonderful ctrl-+ to zoom the whole web page!  I told all my friends and family about it.   Now IE7 also has tabs and zoom (and a whole lot of other features of course).  But, while zoom works in FireFox, in IE7 it creates a webpage you must scroll left and right in. 

Try it with and see.

Now given, that I always work zoomed, which browser do I want:
            FireFox – full page shows

            IE7 – must scroll page left and right

Sure IE7 has great features, it even zooms my pictures which FireFox does not, but when it doesn’t get the basics right (zooming the page/frame and text), it really doesn’t matter what other features it has. 

I’ll continue to use IE7 at work when required for testing purposes, but I will recommend friends and family continue to use FireFox most of the time even when the final IE7 ships.  IE7 works best for some MS sites, like this blog, , but look at the top 10 web sites:

Size IE7 wide enough for Amazon  (which is also wide enough for the other top 10), then zoom to 125%

IE7 introduces a scrollbar for:  Yahoo*,  Microsoft*, MSN*, Google*, AOL*, eBay*, MapQuest, Amazon*,  Real*, MySpace*

Only MapQuest doesn’t have information on the right (*) that you have to use the left/right scrollbar in IE7 to see (or enlarge the window)

Most of my family and friends are the baby boomers getting on in years who need reading glasses.  Firefox is for us.  Use IE7 only when FireFox won’t work, for weird places like this blog.   FireFox works best for the up and coming places (Web 2.0) like that I work on where you can NEVER make your browser window big enough with IE7 to see your page when it is enlarged by just 5%!   

An interesting example is  While expanding in IE7 it keeps the blue border, while FireFox drops the border trying to keep as much useful stuff visible before switching to scroll bars (of course I did lose the “replay ad” button out in the right blue – aw shucks! J ).   

Example of nit features:

I like that IE7 tabs have the close “X” built into them, versus scrolling all the way over to the right in FireFox.

On the other hand, clicking the Right mouse button brings up a clearer menu “close tab” instead of IE7 “close” (now is that close tab or close all of IE?)


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