Test Driven Development (TDD) at Microsoft

I gave a noon brown bag talk on "Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) at Microsoft" at Phillips Utlrasound  in Bothell.  I came at the invitiation of Doug Carlton who spoke at the January Quality Assurance Sig on Evolution of Structured Exploratory Testing at Philips Ultrasound.  Doug is 2 more talks on Unit Testing scheduled at Phillips. 
I really like some of the videos Microsoft has put out on the subject:
Peter Provost & Brad Wilson:  MSDN Architecture Webcast: Play the Test-Driven Development Pairing Game
Jim Newkirk:  MSDN Architecture:  Test-Driven Development Using Visual Studio Team System

I also talked about my related experiences from the past that include:

  1. Tandem’s TMF abort rewrite used my test suite as the "requirements" as the original developer code was unfathomable.
  2. I wrote tests before code for my programming assignments when taking a Design Patterns course.





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