“Big names” in software testing?

Alan Page asks in his blog (“Big names” in software testing (ummm… I mean consulting)?) why there aren’t big names in software testing at companies (as opposed to consultants).  I replied with:
There are several reasons, but some of them are:
  1. known "for significant software application or research project"?
    Can you think of testers that have done significant testing applications or testing research projects?
    There isn’t that much research done in testing unfortunately.  
  2. Of the 3 Alan names, most are in the industrial research side of their companies:
    "Jim Gray is a researcher and manager of Microsoft Research"

    (Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkley)
    Alan Kay "Senior Fellow at Hewlett-Packard until HP disbanded the Advanced Software Research Team"
    ( Ph.D. from the University of Utah)

    How many PhDs in software testing are working in industrial research labs and publishing papers?

3)  There are also well known consultants in software engineering like
Martin Fowler
 and Kent Beck

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