Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference
(PNSQC) is one of the most established conferences of any conference on software
quality.  It is celebrating its 25th
conference this year in early October.  
Covering both software testing and software process as two major aspects
of software quality, I have always found PNSQC the best value for the
money.   A very experienced and dedicated
group of volunteers with passion for software quality put this two-day
conference on Oct. 9-10.   The topics go
beyond the basics, so both new and experienced software quality professionals
will find value.   I just registered.

 As a non-profit,
it is less expensive than many other conferences and Portland, Oregon is a nice,
but less expensive venue.  I know and recommend both of the keynote

Johanna Rothman

Herbert (Hugh)

PNSQC also has a selection of workshops on Oct. 8, the day
before the conference.  

As a coincidence, you can consider staying in Portland the
whole week and attending Quality Software
International Conference
(QSIC) on Oct. 11-12.  QSIC originated as the Asia-Pacific
Conference on Quality Software  and evolved
into an international conference since 2003.  Co-located with QSIC is First
International Workshop on Software Test Evaluation
(STEV 2007).


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Software Test Architect in distributed computing.
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