PNSQC Web Services & Microsoft TesterCenter & Protocol Model Based Testing

PNSQC 2007 conference has the 2007 [10.5 MB]proceedings posted now.  
You can also see my  slide deck about
Model Based Testing For Protocols (PDF),using Spec Explorer that I presented.  The talk got very mixed reviews.   A few astute people noted that my Web Services testing paper (the talk got good reviews) had the following reference:

6] Keith Stobie, Service Compatibility

<to appear on msdn Tester Center site>


What is Tester Center?

The Microsoft Tester Center showcases the test discipline as an integral part of the application lifecycle, describes test roles and responsibilities, and promotes the test investments required to deliver high quality software.  With the new Microsoft Tester Center, Microsoft can not only share its own experiences and lessons learned, but also provide the testing community a new way to engage with one another.

This is in addition to the MSDN forums set up for discussing software testing issues.


I recently updated the Service Compatibility paper responding to reviewers (AlanPa) comments and it should be posted soon under Technical Articles or in the Library. 


After PNSQC and QSIC, I went to Hyderabad India for 2 weeks.  One of the days there I visited the Visual Studio Test Team working on VSTS2008 and beyond.  I gave them a demo of Spec Explorer for Visual Studio and they liked it.  We discussed making it a power tool or otherwise distributed.  The wheels are in motion to get the licensing worked out and publicly released.


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