Open Protocol Specifications

News Flash — my semi-secret project has just been outed!    You can read the press announcement etc.
I work at verifying the usability and accuracy of protocol documents which are now all publicly available on MSDN.
Some of the things my team facilitates:

It’s an exciting time.  Interoperability and protocols are really catching fire and my team’s Model-Based Testing (MBT) approach based on Spec Explorer is going well also.  Finally, the long awaited, "Model-Based Software Testing and Analysis with C#", is out in stores!   Pick up your copy today (mine is autographed by the authors).  You can get a feel for my brand of MBT reading the book and using the free, open source, Nmodel toolkit.   Spec Explorer is essentially just a more advanced version of NModel.

We’ve built numerous model-based test suites for verifying the published protocol documents.  

By the way, if all this sounds exciting to you, my team is looking to hire my peer.  That is, we have an opening for a Software Test Architect.
If you’re curious about Test Architects at Microsoft you can read about another great peer of mine, David.  We worked on refining each other’s notion of Testability.

Finally, check out the ever popular "Book Bytes" on the Tester Center site.


About testmuse

Software Test Architect in distributed computing.
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