Suprising Fit for Software Testing?

From  (Harvard Business school – Published: April 14, 2008, Author: Martha Lagace)

Software analysts and programmers live to innovate—but hate to run tests. Yet top-notch testing saves many a company money when bugs are caught early.

The majority of a Danish consultancy’s testers have Asperger syndrome or a form of autism spectrum disorder.
• Software testing requires superb powers of concentration combined with tolerance (even preference) for routine tasks.

I hear complaints all the time from testers who have to run routine tests over and over again.  If that is the task a company gives testers then the testers need to change something.  


If the tests are repetitive and needed — automate them.  Humans shouldn’t repeat what computers can do.

If the tests are repetitive and not needed — convince management that they are not needed and stop running them!

If management can’t be convinced to avoid repetitive, unnecessary, and especially difficult to automate tests — suggest they use the Danish consultancy in the article.


Testers should be creative – either in their automation or in their exploration of the system under test.  Repeatedly run tests typically have low bug finding ability.  Management likes the idea of avoiding regressions by repeatedly running the same tests.  Regression tests should be automated.  


Many products get released with low regressions (from running the same tests), but still with high bug rates!  Because they spend too much time avoiding regressions and not enough time finding bugs.





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