TechEd, MDCC, SPecialisterne

Grigori’s interview of me on Spec Explorer for Visual Studio is online at TechEd Online Tech talks (Search for “stobie”).  Although the score for my TechEd talk, , and Q&A Session, , rate only just below and above average, they generated some excitement.   Several found the talk interesting and one person said “this session really was revolutionary for me.  The video of the talk won’t be publicly available for about 6 months.  We also get several people interested and apply for the Spec Explorer for Visual Studio Early Adopter Program (EAP).

I just visited Microsoft’s Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) and presented Model-Based Testing and Spec Explorer to many or our Dynamics testers.  Several of them have already explored MBT and some have dabbled with Spec Explorer already.  

Today I met with Thorkil Sonne from Specialisterne whom I heard speak and met at StarWest 2008.   I first heard about his company many months ago and sniggered at their use of “software testers” being almost the opposite of what I and most of Microsoft looks for in software testers.  However, my narrow view was, of course, misguided.   There will always remain mundane manual tasks in software testing (e.g. verifying the installation instructions work correctly – you must very carefully and precisely follow the instructions – not an automation task).  Everything about the company, from the name through logo has been carefully chosen.   I can only hope he succeeds in franchising one million of his testers worldwide.


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