Software Testing at a Glance – or two

I recently acquired the “Software Testing at a Glance – or two” poster  (A3 PDF here) from Delta Axiom. From you can order poster for Free.

The poster (1mx70cm), a gift from Specialisterne, is hanging on my wall.


Naturally I have a few issues with it, but it is the widest smorgasbord on testing I’ve ever seen.   I like it and agree with probably 90% of it.

“Based on ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Syllabus 2007 and references therein (BS-7925-1:1998, IEEE Std. 610-1999; IEEE Std 829-1998).”


I had no idea what the (SPICE) ISO 15504 – result profile was telling me   Has anybody used SPICE or now what this diagram says?  [See page 6 for color version of diagram] [I would replace with something more meaningful].


I don’t agree that all of their “Useful testing measurements” are useful.   Number of test cases isn’t very meaningful to me.


The PDF is a picture and doesn’t scale up well to read bottom left corner.  The circle reads “Management and Support” with (Left to Right): Blue: Idea & Requirements, Green: Design, Lime: Implementation; Orange: Test, Red: Manufacturing & Operations


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One Response to Software Testing at a Glance – or two

  1. Kate says:

    Hi KeithThought you might be interested, – You can get a free ‘software testing best practice’ poster here – Would be interested in any feedback.Kate

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