System Scenario demonstration via Captures and Plugfests

Recently, several aspects of my teams work has become public.   One aspect is the demonstration of scenarios listed in System Overview Documents.    The System Overview Documents describe a family of protocols or task(s) and connect them together.  A part of the document gives actual scenarios.   Our test team demonstrates the accuracy of the scenarios by reproducing them on real windows systems and using Netmon 3.3 captures of the traffic.   We then use a new Netmon 3.3 feature called comments to annotate the messages captured that relate to the scenario.   You can learn more at

Another aspect is the verification of Technical Documents using test suites (frequently model-based).  The test suites are designed to be implementation agnostic and with simple implementations of an interface portable across different implementations.   This has been demonstrated at periodic plugfests that Microsoft holds for licensees that want to verify interoperability of their implementations with Microsoft and other implementations.   Classic examples of this are the SMB2 protocol with Samba (snia plugfest)  or Kerberos Protocol Extensions with MIT Kerberos.    A set of presentations from a System Overview Document perspective was the Active Directory Plugfest.


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