Test Architects agree on Model Based Testing

Two weeks ago I, with several other Test Architects (TAs), met with a group of new Microsoft testers from Israel.   Many were developers from acquisitions new to the SDET role.     Near the end of the meeting I jumped on my soap box and recommended model-based testing as something to consider.   While we 7 TAs frequently ended up giving 8 different opinions, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised about the support for model-based testing.   Of course each TA had a different view of it.   Noel reminded everyone that most testing is actually done from models, if only (sometimes unconsciously) in the head of the tester.  You can find this described in numerous test conference presentations and magazine articles.   John jumped in that just creating the model helps find problems.  I, and others, have commented about this many times.   Recently my team has developed more actual supporting data (not just anecdotal cases) for this fact – it is in the process of being prepared for publication, keep tuned.)  Others remarked on translating models from the head of the tester into code and I ended with end to end MBT using Spec Explorer to help translate mental models to executable models that can be explored and generate tests.




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