Knowledge Engineer toward online courses & 2011 conferences

So after a long hiatus, I am restarting my blog again.  I’ll try to post monthly if not weekly.  I’ve changed positions within Microsoft from  working on Bing to working as a “Knowledge Engineer” in the Learning &  Development (L&D) group of Engineering Excellence.    Alan Page used to manage this  group.  The group used to include Bj Rollison also.  Seth Eliot has also come over to EE L&D for our focus on testing services  and testing in production.

In trying to learn more about testing, and specifically  trying to figure out “online” learning courses, I’ve played with I also successfully  completed the Association  for Software Testing (AST) Basic  Black Box Software Testing (BBSTFoundations  free online course.   I spent more hours  than I ever expected on the course.  Monitoring and  replying to forums takes me a lot of time.  I’m almost finished with the BBST Instructors Course Online.

I’ve got many conferences in the second half of the year.  First is the WORDS
3-day facilitated meeting of experienced software testers who want to contribute
to the AST Dictionary Project, just before the Conference of the AST (CAST) on “Context-Driven Testing”, Aug 8-10 in nearby Lynwood  (Seattle).    Then the busy month of  October starts with my Testing Services in Production talk  at Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference  (PNSQC) in Portland OR, followed by my keynote  Model-Based Testing  Spreading Into Many Industrial Domains at the first Model-Based Testing  (MBT) User Conference in Berlin, Germany.  End of October in Shanghai, China for the fifth World Congress for  Software Quality (WCSQ).


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Software Test Architect in distributed computing.
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