ETSI Model-Based Testing (MBT) Users Conferernce — Community

The ETSI MBT UC has been great so far. I’ve discovered many interesting things for me.    As I stated in my keynote at the conference, I think developing an MBT community will be critical for its ultimate success.   As such I’d like to recommend joining if you are interested in MBT. This would be in addition to the LinkedIn MBT group (ModelBasedTesting).

For the standards oriented folks, take a look at the ETSI Technical Committee Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS) which is working on ETSI Standard (ES) 202 951 V1.1.1 Model-Based Testing (MBT); Requirements for Modelling Notations

If you use MBT or other machine generated test data techniques, you might  consider spending a few minutes doing an exercise
     to evaluate the corresponding outputs of a Java method for a set of test cases
at Bob Binder’s survey


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One Response to ETSI Model-Based Testing (MBT) Users Conferernce — Community

  1. Hi Keith

    Wish I was there.

    The above link is not my survey (although it looks interesting and I’ll respond to it)

    My MBT user survey is at


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