Enjoying TiVo

I recently got a post reminding me I’ve been negligent in updating this blog. I updated LinkedIn and FaceBook.
I joined TiVo at the end of June as a Test Architect working for Mary Beam whom I previously worked for at Tandem and Informix.

In fact at her staff meeting this week she was emphasizing the need for smaller tests to make test pass ratio look better.
I noted this issue in my 2010 PNSQC paper two years back when I discussed

“I had one development manager who will never forgive me for the grief I caused their project. I wrote only four rather large “test cases”. These four test cases covered all of the functionality of the project.”

Mary was the manager I caused grief and she mentioned that having overly large test cases don’t represent the health of the project well either. I agree and my paper discussed “numerous reasons for not testing too much in a single test case.”

It is great working with Mary again and at TiVo. TiVo has lots of challenges and interesting testing issues, so I should be able to blog monthly about something interesting. TiVo does a lot of scripted regression manual testing. Doyenz was trying to do that a little. TiVo is going full bore developing test automation to replace much of the manual scripted regression testing. We should be able to focus manual testing on exploratory testing instead of rote repetition. Note even the rote repetition has been valuable in finding numerous issues due to integration of divergent (cloned) code bases – I’m unsure exploratory would have been as effective in methodically covering the functions and finding the issues.


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