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Last week I listened to the Webinar, State of Software Testing. Tea Time With Testers  approached testing experts Jerry Weinberg and Fiona Charles to review their ‘State of Software Testing’ survey for year 2013 survey results.   Mostly the experts indicated the questions were poor and thus the results irrelevant.   But one side comment caught my attention since they both agreed:

every tester should read at least one test magazine a month.

While I do that, I asked a colleague recently, and he said no and wasn’t even aware of the many free online test magazines available.  Thus, this post to list several Test Magazines to choose from.     Note, I consider this an addition to the poll I’ve often heard, which I also agree with: have your read at least 1 book on software testing and better – have your read at least 1 book on software testing every year.

So now my belief is professional testers as part of their continuing education in their profession should read at least 1 book a year and 1 magazine a month about software testing.    Maybe following some blogs also and many of the magazine sites have associated blogs.

Since coming to Salesforce.com, I discovered two of these magazines due to posts by Reena Mathews.     Not in a priority order, just a count:

  1. Tea Time With Testers
  2. Automated Software Testing
  3. Better Software
  4. Professional Tester
  5. Testing Trapeze
  6. Software Test & Quality Assurance
  7. Testing Experience
  8. Testing Circus
  9. Testing Magazine

Non Free magazines:

10 .ASQ Software Quality Professional       http://asq.org/pub/sqp/index.html

Blog examples:

There are many sites that list lots of software testing blogs.


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One Response to Testing Magazines

  1. Rob says:

    Good to see a blog like this once in a while. Created my own page with the same goal: free test magazines list on testevents.com: http://www.testevents.com/website/free-testmagazines/magazines-list

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