Software Testing: A Research Travelogue by Orso and Rothermel

Interesting survey on updates to software testing was given as an ACM Sigsoft webinar.
Software Testing: A Research Travelogue,” Alessandro Orso, Gregg Rothermel, Willem Visser.
Based on their paper “Software Testing: A Research Travelogue (2000-2014)” by A. Orso and G. Rothermel in Proceedings of the 36th IEEE and ACM SIGSOFT International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2014) — FOSE Track (invited).

This 10 page paper is followed by 210 references! Most encouraging to me was the slide on Empirical Studies & Infrastructure.   I fully agree that Testing is heuristic and thus must be empirically evaluated:

“• State of the art in 2005: study on 224 papers on testing (1994–2003)
None 52%, Case studies 27%, Experiments 17%, Examples 4%

Things have changed dramatically since then 

  • Empirical evaluations are almost required
  • Artifact evaluations at various conferences”

In their conclusion they also stated something I strongly believe in:

“Stop chasing full automation

  • Use the different players for what they are best at doing
    • Human: creativity
    • Computer: computation-intensive, repetitive, error-prone, etc. tasks “

I hope all professional testers are aware of the many topics they touched on:

  • Automated Test Input Generation using Dynamic Symbolic Execution,
    Search-based Testing, Random Testing, Combined Techniques.
  • Combinatorial Testing, Model-Based Testing, and Mining/Learning from Field Data
  • Regression Testing – selection, minimization, prioritization
  • Frameworks for Test Execution and Continuous Integration

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