As Quality Engineering Architect as Salesforce, Keith Stobie conducted production failure recovery testing and mentored team members on test strategy and design.

Keith Stobie was a Quality Engineering Architect at TiVo –  the best T/V user experience in the world, including: integrated search across broadband and linear.  I focused on test automation and testing back-end service for search.

Keith Stobie was Principal Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)  and a “Knowledge engineer” in the Engineering Excellence group at Microsoft.   I worked on helping SDETs learn to test services, use Model-Based Testing (MBT), combinatorics, and other testing topics.  I apply my knowledge of Model-Based Testing using Spec Explorer to software testing.

Previously I was a Test Architect working on Bing Infrastructure including  Autopilot that control thousands of machines and testing Cosmos, one of the world’s largest data storage and computational platforms it enables massively parallel query execution over many petabytes of information.    

At Microsoft I plan, design, and review software architecture and tests.  Previously, I’ve worked in the Protocol Engineering Team on Protocol Quality Assurance Process (PQAP) including model-based testing (MBT) to develop test framework, harnessing, and model patterns.  With twenty-five years of distributed systems testing experience my interests are in testing methodology, tools technology, and quality process. 

I have a BS in computer science from Cornell University.
ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer,
ASTQB Foundation Level
Member: ACM, IEEE, ASQ


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